Giving Tree


The Giving Tree Program is a wonderful way to help needy children across the United States. Your business, church group, club, or school can sponsor a Giving Tree at your location. During the holiday season, an Alliance representative will provide you with tags, sign out forms, and informational guidelines as to how your group can participate in this worthwhile program. Each tag represents a real child from the selected areas that we help. Listed on the tag is a portion of the gifts that the child will receive in their gift bag. A completed bag for a child will usually include: two outfits, underwear, socks, shoes, a coat, hat, gloves, and 5-7 age-appropriate toys. Distribution of bags is done through the child's school where parents or guardians pick up and sign for the bag so they may create their own family holiday. One of our goals is to stay in the same community for several years to support each child as they mature.

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